VCF Converter: Get the Universal Accessibility of Contact Details Stored!

VCF Converter Software

Starting at $49 Only

When user wants to get the contact details from the Outlook® platform usable in many other platforms then installing a VCF converter is one wise idea. Selecting PCVITA vCard Magic for the preferable contact details conversion will give the dual benefit of reliable MS Office Outlook contact list migration to VCF format of vCard and also VCF contact list to Microsoft® Office Outlook conversion with ease and reliability resting on user side.

  • VCF converter supports the conversion of contact details from and to the 2.1 vCard and 3.0 vCard editions
  • vCard Magic software is one utility program that converts the Outlook address book data without any loss or damage
  • PST to VCF and VCF to PST bulk conversion possible with minimum time and effort utilized

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Functionalities of FREE Demo Edition and Full Edition

The PCVITA vCard Magic tool give the FREE conversion of 5 contacts from VCF to PST format and also from PST to VCF, when the free downloadable edition is been installed by the user. To get the whole data from the Outlook format to VCF format converted purchase the application program for affordable rate $49 from resource.

Attractive Facilities Offered by the VCF Converter:

  • Export each contact data into single VCF file, for E.g.: 1000 contacts if converted to VCF from PST then will give 1000 VCF formatted data
  • Contact details migration tool will support single entry and multiple entry export import process
  • Outlook address book migration tool can convert email ID, telephone number, fax number, Photograph etc like fields from the PST contact list to VCF and vice versa
  • Software to convert Outlook contacts details can convert the distribution lists, group contacts, folders created in the address book safely
  • Android, Entourage, Evolution, Lotus Notes, Macbook, Macmail, Outlook Express, Apple address book are examples for the platform that the vCard Magic via migrated Outlook address book data can be accessed
  • Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, iPod, iTunes, Nokia, Phone, Palm, Samsung, HTC mobile etc
  • The conversion of Outlook address book stored data to VCF format can pave way to access the contact details in multiple platforms like business mobiles, many software, email platform and advance OS.
  • The PCVITA vCard Magic application program converts entire data from the personal address book stored in the MS® Outlook PST files
  • Outlook data files with contact list stored can be converted as a whole with the VCF converter and also from vCard to Outlook also
  • Outlook archive files contact details can be converted to VCF format reliably
  • Outlook personal folder files carry the contact list and each contact data can be relevantly migrated to the VCF format to get universal accessibility
  • Outlook backup files stored contacts also can be converted to universally accessed VCF format
  • Outlook mailbox files from ANSI or Unicode format can be converted to vCard VCF format and VCF data can be converted to both Outlook formats
  • Transfer Outlook PST items to vCard VCF format and get the data from MS® Office Outlook accessible in Salesforce, Thunderbird, Windows address book, Windows mail, Windows live mail, like many other platform
  • With the PCVITA vCard Magic software user can migrate, convert, export, import, move, switch, shift, connect, forward, link, merge, add, upload,  contact details from MS® Outlook to VCF and VCF to  Microsoft® Outlook PST format
  • Sync contact list data from MS® Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2002, 97 editions
  • Microsoft Outlook contact conversion is possible in the Windows OS as Windows 7, XP, vista, 2003, 2008, installed machine

Why PCVITA vCard Magic Software?

Many reasons will prompt you to select the PCVITA vCard Magic as desired VCF converter to access MS® Outlook contact details in multiple platforms and among them some main benefits for users can be listed as:

  • Thirty day money back guarantee if utility program fails to perform what is offered
  • Dual benefit of PST to VCF and VCF to PST export or import
  • Free demo of the tool to convert Outlook PST contact list to vCard VCF format in limited number of 5 contacts