Truncate PST : Be More Manageable !

Isn’t it better to truncate PST file to more manageable sizes, using only current PST and archiving others for further use to keep your Outlook performance efficient as it’s in fresh install. Truncate PST files have never been easier; moreover truncate PST 2 GB is farther a nightmare. Truncate PST Outlook with Split Magic, a truncate PST tool and never again getting stuck in how to truncate PST files. Split Magic truncate PST files from one amongst its three functionality modules at a point of time. Witness technology at its best:

  • Complete indifference to your initial Outlook file folders, secure approach
  • Maintains Separate resulting folder containing truncate PST files.

Truncate PST Files: Genius at Work!

  • truncate PST files by year, yearly PST
  • truncate PST files by size in 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB and 4 GB sizes
  • truncate PST files by date, truncate PST Outlook, one PST from initial Outlook configuration to specified date and other from there afterwards
  • Besides, all three modules are far capable to truncate PST 2 GB file sizes and above.

Catch this Beast, truncate PST Outlook!

Truncate PST Files nevertheless truncate PST 2 GB and be on the cloud nine, get renowned for your management skills with Split Magic. Procure it FREE, claim your evaluation copy of this truncate PST tool today though constrained to truncate first 50 items but provides you with enough to discover more on how to truncate PST files. Avail its licensed copy for $ 49, the solution you never feel even paid off.