PST to vCard Freeware Convert PST to vCard

Best PST to vCard Freeware Software

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Here is PST to vCard converter freeware tool to convert PST to vCard. PST to vCard Freeware tool convert PST to vCard, then you can comfortably use the vCard VCF in any of these email clients:

  • vCard in Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, Zimbra, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail etc.
  • vCard in Devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, iPod, iTunes, Nokia, Samsung etc.

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Freeware PST to vCard Converter PST to vCard Free

PST to vCard free tool converts PST to vCard freely and provides bulk import and export functionality of vCard to PST and PST to vCard. Features of PCVITA vCard Magic software are:

  • Bulk import PST to vCard
  • Bulk export vCard to PST
  • Manage all fields of vCard while convert PST to vCard
  • Remain vCard image save and secure
  • Unicode and ANSI support

Maintain PST to vCard using PST to vCard Freeware Tool

PST to vCard freeware software with 24*7 online tech support and maintain PST to vCard conveniently. Try PST to vCard freeware demo tool first to test the product that will give you the functionality to convert 5 PST to vCard. After judging the product, you can easily purchase the product in just $49 for personal license.