PST Split Application to Manage Outlook File: Get Split Magic!

PST Split Application helps you to manage large Outlook file in better manner. PST Split Application is now easy and simple with Split Magic splitting tool. This tool supports PST split Application in following way:

  • PST Split Application by date
  • PST Split Application by size
  • PST Split Application by year

Benefit to Choose Split Magic to PST Split Application!

Split Magic gives you more beneficial result to PST Split Application. If you choose Split magic then you get more benefit like PST Split application on brassier amount, secure and safe content during splinting. Because it gives reports of all steps such as:

  • How many file split success fully: - This software generates report in Excel sheet with numeric number how many PST file success fully split and how many PST Split Application give error.
  • How many files are duplicates: - During PST Split Application process it generates report about how many files are with same content and same name. First file Split and others duplicate file stored in different PST files.
  • Difference between original files and splitting file:- this feature of Split Magic give you more reliability, because it gives you report about how many files are difference among original files and splitting files.
How to Get Split Magic? Split Magic is now easy and simple to purchase and install. Now you can install it free of cost as demo version of this software. This demo version perfume PST Split Application task with first 50 items of Outlook file. If you desire full version of this software you must pay little amount just $49 only.