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PST Merge Tool

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Every Outlook user finds it needed to get the data stored in the PST files merged, split or organized to get the data maintenance and control on his/her hands when the data is in bulk quantity after the extent use of MS® Outlook as an email client. The whole data that is in the Outlook PST files should be managed well so that no data will be ever loosed without user knowledge. PST Merge software of PCVITA is well designed and particularly facilitated to make the process of PST Merge, PST Split, like most needed process for Outlook users to be satisfied with ease.

  • PST Merge tool is capable to merge multiple PST files stored data into one
  • Merge and combine the PST file data without deleting any data
  • Add PST file data no matter they are from ANSI or Unicode origin
  • Join the data without duplicates
  • Append the duplicate date in one file named as duplicate .pst

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To get the first 50 emails either Split or merged get the software downloaded for free which give opportunity to get the data split or merge from Outlook PST file and also get needed confidence in handing the process exhibited by the tool. The full version purchased will give the whole data from the PST format either split, merged and well organized.

Features Offered to Make the Process of PST Split and Merge a Great Success: PCVITA PST Magic tool remain one magical tool in the online industry because of the multi facilities it offers for the MS® Office Outlook users along with bundle of benefits as:

Facilities when Option for PST Merge is Opted:

  • Concatenate PST data from multiple PST files into one for easy management and access
  • Attach the emails, contacts, tasks, journals or any other data from the PST files without data loss
  • Link the data from many PST files and get the unmerged data in PST file named difference.pst
  • Connect the whole data from all mailbox, folders and sub folders no matter when or why it was stored
  • Solution to merge PST data and solve get the problem faced while managing multiple PST files.

Facilities when Option for PST Split is Opted:

  • Split process will show the number of items of split and also show the path of PST file
  • Break PST file data and allow for manageable arrangement of data with the magical tool PCVITA PST Magic
  • Divide bulk data into several PST files that gives much easiness in handling
  • Cut Outlook PST file data so that the fear of data damage due to oversize PST file can be avoided
  • Truncate MS® Outlook data in such a way that user will never feel the trouble in executing the process

Common Features for both Split and Merge process:

  • Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, To-do lists, Appointments, Address book, Distribution lists like whole data from the Outlook PST files can be either split or merged
  • MS Outlook PST file stored data can be merged by avoiding duplicates as software merge only one data of a kind and store duplicates in one different file namely duplicates.pst
  • Microsoft Outlook PST file merged items will be by default stored as Unicode PST files
  • MS Office Outlook split PST files process give the data from bulk PST files arranged according to date or creation and provide easy management
  • Outlook PST files can split or merged by options as "Split by initial years or Split by yearly"
  • Different Outlook data files stored data can be stored in one data files if it is defined as from particular year to one particular limit, which help user to handle data so easily
  • Outlook mailbox files that may include, Inbox, Outbox, sent items, deleted items, draft folders, can be split or merged where the particular data will be stored in folders with same name and whole custom folder data will be stored in one folder which provide easy management of Microsoft Office Outlook PST files
  • Trim or merge Outlook data without time, effort or data loss with the amazing tool PCVITA PST Magic
  • Outlook archive files, Outlook personal folder files, Outlook email files, Outlook backup files, Outlook PST items like any kind of data from multiple PST files can be reliably merged or split with the PST Magic software
  • PCVITA PST Magic software is one product of advance algorithms supports versions of Outlook and Windows as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and Windows 7, XP, vista, 2003, 2008.