PST Merge & Split few Easy steps to Combine PST Together Sprightly!

PST Merge by PST Magic

Starting at $109 Only

Thinking of archival, security and usability along with Outlook PST merge. Sure start with PST merge software that not only provides you with aforementioned functionalities but also powered you with migration to cloud services. Cloud requires migration authentication per PST but merge PST files allow you to authenticate only once over cloud.Functionalities include:

  • Counts on items merged per PST file
  • Counts on duplicate items per PST file
  • Counts on differences (unacceptable) items per PST
  • Split down your existing PST files (split & merge in one).

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Download the PST Merge Tool to Split and Merge Multiple PST Files Together!

Download free demo of PST merge and learn more. Get full version with consistent 24/7 online chat support or remote assistance direct from developer's bench worth 109 USD. Start; PST merge and split with single install and uninstall utility PCVITA PST merge software.

PCVITA PST merge tool is most in demand and recommended utility because it has some unique features that you find nowhere but here only. It maintains separate folder for merge down PST files i.e. merge.pst, duplicate.pst and difference.pst-comprising data generated from per PST merge; keep your initial file folders data consistent. Niche utility that let you migrate over cloud services insuring flexibility. Allows you to split existing PST files in dual fashion:

  • Single PST for specified six years data.
  • Multiple PST files after above designated date.

Getting stuck how to merge PST files?

Are too many Outlook PST files becoming barrier to your business productivity? Accomplish PST merge with PST merger tool of PCVITA that besides merging your PST files by just browsing your PST files folder, also give you real time tabular data on merges, differences and duplicates on PST per se. It keeps your premature mail data and Meta data intact as nothing has happened.