Merge Outlook PST File ANSI Format: How it is Possible?

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ANSI format is format of Outlook files which is saved before MS Outlook 2003 versions. When Outlook launch then it support only ANSI format files, but when MS Outlook 2003 launch then it convert with Unicode format. Unicode is updated format to avoid the limitations of ANSI format. ANSI format supports only 2GB memory space at the time of file saved. Few things about ANSI format:

  • ANSI stand for American National Standards Institute format
  • Overall file storage size has limit of 2GB (gigabytes)
  • Outlook 2002 and earlier version create ANSI file by default
  • Outlook 2003 also support ANSI and Unicode both format.

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How to get PST Magic?

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What is ANSI format of Outlook file?

Microsoft Outlook has two formats before Outlook 2003 it support ANSI format and Outlook 2003 and latter on version supports Unicode versions. Outlook 2002 and earlier version of Outlook has some limitations like only 2GB storage memory supported if PST file exceed from 2GB it will corrupt or give some error. So you saved PST file in different locations. It will difficult to manage and now you want to get some solution of managing PST file problem. We give you best solutions by merge Outlook PST files ANSI format you can manage PST file in well organized manner. By merge Outlook PST file ANSI format is way but you don’t know how to merge Outlook PST files ANSI format. Don’t think so long because now you can go with PST magic software. This software helps you to merge Outlook PST files ANSI format in better way. Merge Outlook PST file ANSI format is secure and Brassier way. It is secure because it generates merging reports of all steps.