How to Cut PST 2 GB File? Get the Apt PST Cutter for Apposite Revert!

Cut PST tool

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Start; cut your PST files with cut PST tool of PCVITA and do not get stuck into how to cut PST file. Cut PST file of any size by:

  • Size: Lets you to cut PST file size into 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB & 4 GB parts.
  • Date: Lets you manage two PST files; one is from configuration time to present mentioned date and other from there afterwards.
  • Year: Specify the size in which you want to break PST file and get PST files equal to your initial PST divide by size specified. start; Cut PST here.

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Download to Get Most Prompt PST Cutter Tool to Cut PST File in Outlook!

Try PST cutter free and learn more about how to cut PST file. Purchase with 24/7 consistent online chat support or remote assistance worth 49 USD only. Most in demand, PST cut tool of PCVITA cuts your PST file size with unmatched efficiency. Cut PST file either of ANSI 2 GB or UNICODE 20 GB on the fly with this PST cutter.

Personal folder (.pst) file size is limited and defined by Outlook at the time of installation. Growing PST file size should be your concern because it not only puts performance penalties on Outlook but also confronts you soon with “maximum file size reached error”. Only available solution is to cut your PST file using PST cutter. PST cut tool allows you to cut down your PST file size keeping your premature data and Meta data intact besides being efficient, cost effective with manageable functionalities to cut PST file by date/size and year. PST cut tool is easily mastered by any.

Whether your PST is in ANSI format with two or 4 GB file size limits or in UNICODE format with 20 GB file size limit, PST cutter cut 2GB to 20 GB files on the fly. PST cut tool maintains separate folder for each cut down PST file without touching your initial files and folders.