How to Break PST File in MS Outlook? Our PST Breaker is an Answer!

Break PST

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Break PST; accomplish it by three intuitive ways cutting all your productivity barriers of archival, security & storage costs. Stand on any existing Windows PC platform supporting Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000 as well. Split by date/size and year as given:

  • Break PST file by date: - Your PST files will break into two fragments; one before the provided date and other from there afterwards.
  • Break PST file by year: - Your PST will break into PST files equal to number of years in duration you provide.
  • Break PST file by Size: - Specify the size in which you want to break PST file and get PST files equal to your initial PST divide by size specified. start; break PST here.

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Outlook confronts you with error messages when approaching close to maximum file size limits defined in its release version to prevent it from hogging resources besides other security constraints. Irregular, solution involves deleting some mails, compact PST and registry edits which not only results in unstable OS however call for technical expertise too.

However, nice solution calls for breaking PST to sizes that are more manageable besides being running efficiently respecting all your security policies and that too, restraining your premature data consistent and intact. Likewise, well-deployed break PST solution ought to have practically more achievable alternatives to which novice can get a control over. Start; break PST by Date, size and break PST file by year on the fly with Split Magic.

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Download free and learn more regarding PST break. Free version restrains you to split first 50 mails PST per se. Get full version and respective license with 24/7 online chat support direct from developers bench worth 49 USD, a best deal to go for. A well guided and easy to use PST breaker tool that allows you break large size PST file into numerous smaller parts without affecting the original or source PST file.